Shirley Stockley

Like so many others, I have always appreciated the arts. Any art. The desire, time, energy, dedication, talent etc., are a small example of what it takes to be accomplished in any area.


Quite by accident, my journey started while walking through the entrance of a mall. I stopped to admire the works of a student and his instructor, explaining how envious I was of their talent and how I had always wanted to paint. They suggested I should join them and take lessons. I thought I could never produce such works of art and continued on with my business. On the way out I once again admired the works of these two men, and once again they encouraged me to join them. I decided nothing, ventured nothing gained.


Now I paint once a week for 3 hours, and once in a while, for a few hours on another day of the week. I’ve attended 3 plein air events not realizing you paint your surroundings and not just paint at a location. I am grateful to Novak Plavic who introduced me to brushes and tubes of oil paint. To Steve Foglia who made me feel welcome and encouraged me to take lessons. To Judy Sherman, my current instructor, who passes on her great knowledge and talent with patience.

I am grateful for the people I have met and the experiences I have had through my art. Most of all I am grateful and thankful that once a week I enter the wonderful world of the arts where all you need is the desire to enter.


Photo courtesy of David Falconer

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The Red Chair - oil

Reflections - oil

The Face of Innocence - oil

Portrait of a Horse - oil