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Rick Ormond

His first paying art job in London, UK, was as an assistant to a studio manager in an organization of about 12 illustrators.

Rick is a self-taught artist starting early in his life painting landscapes, still-lifes and portraits. His first commercial job was in an art studio where he hand-lettered and handled miscellaneous graphic assignments.


From here he evolved professionally into portraits and illustration (both corporate and paperback).  This process began in London UK, and continued in Toronto, Canada, where he worked for Pepsi, Bell, Labatts and many other corporations. He later painted book-covers for Harlequin Books in oil and acrylic. This led to his gaining representation in New York and painting portraits of some prominent people in Ontario including Mayor Mel Lastman, former mayor of North York & Toronto, John Sibbald, president of The Briars Conference Centre in Jackson's Point, and Hy Isenbaum, previous chairman of Mount Sinai Hospital.


Now, as a more mature artist, he specializes in Landscapes and the occasional personal portrait.

Link to Rick's website: www.rickormond.com 

Contact Rick at:   richardormond.6@gmail.com.

Irises - oil

Tim Hill - oil

Kingston and Warden  - acrylic

Toronto 67  - oil