Karen Duplisea

After a long career as a professional dancer and teacher, I am returning to a childhood love of art. I have always expressed myself best through forms of non-verbal communication.  As both a dancer and an artist I love the movement and texture of line, the emotion of colour, and the challenge of trying to impart the feeling of what can’t be said in words.

I am inspired by landscape, the figure, and anything that represents an “in-between,” or liminal state, such as atmosphere in a landscape scene. I often draw and paint a theme a number of times as a way of trying to deepen both the essence of a subject and my understanding of it. My frame of mind influences my approach to a subject, so I am usually working on a number of pieces at the same time.

I currently reside in Oak Ridges with my fabulous husband, children and two cats.


Photo courtesy of David Falconer

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Transitional Thought - oil

 Winter's Afternoon - oil

In The Light - charcoal drawsing

Wading Upstream - oil