Chris Barfitt

I have to thank my dad for my love of art. So thank you Dad! When I was 13, he gave me my first art kit, which consisted of Grumbacher oil paints and brushes in a wooden case. The wooden case I still use today! My first painting was from the album cover of Stairway to Heaven which has a hermit on it.

I had the great fortune to meet my dear friend Lorraine Dear in my mid-twenties. She was a great inspiration to me. We would get together at each other’s homes regularly in the evenings and paint. We had several art shows in my basement on Centre Street in Aurora along with members of the Pine Tree Potters. It was a lot of fun.

Over the years, I have been fortunate to find that special place, which is a hard think to find, where you can totally relax and feel comfortable and inspired. The first was with Lorraine, the second with Mrs. Sheppard who ran workshops in Schomberg, and presently with Judy Sherman at Sherman J. Studio on Temperance Street in Aurora. All have inspired me and have helped me grow.

I still love to paint with oils. I have tried many mediums including watercolour, pen & ink, pencil, folk art, stained glass, and paper tole, but always returned to oils. I am inspired by nature. I have participated in several art shows in Aurora, Schomberg, and the GTA.

At present, I am excited to be part of Local Colour Aurora. I especially enjoy the company of all the talented artists in the group and look forward to the many years to come.


Photo courtesy of David Falconer

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Pollination - oil

Audrey - oil

Time Out - oil

O'Donnell Point - oil